About Dr.Nishant Singh Beniwal

Hardest Steel Gets Thru Hottest Flames!!

Dr.Nishant Singh, (also known as Dr.Nishant Singh Beniwal, Dr.Nishant Beniwal), has a long and vast experience in seeing all types of patients



Had done his MBBS from Shri Bhausaheb Government Medical College, Dhule, Mahrasthra (1999) by being scoring merit in all india pre medical exams,


He later did is Postings in Rural and tribal areas of Maharashtra and served and connected with the poor, he did delivery of babies, operated minor wounds,  fractures even did some hard to believe things in his internship at Civil hospital Dhule (2002)

After that he worked as junior resident in Delhi (2003) and simultaneously prepared for his MD Medicine which he got again by Merit in All india Exam for PG,  he again went to Mumbai's Prestigous Nair Hospital and Topiwala National Medical College (2004), and finished his MD in 2010, During his course he developed special love for Diabetes,

He came to Delhi started working at Guru Teg Bhadhur Hospital Dilshad Garden Delhi as a Senior Residents teaching Medicine to Post Graduate and MBBS students and doing a daily OPD of around 200 Patients per day (2011) 

After one year he got permanent regular job in Lok Nayak Hospital Delhi (2012), at Maulana Azad Medical College as a teacher for PG students and MBBS,


But due his vision for a  centre for Diabetes Patient which should be unique he left the Government Hospital Job in (2014) and went to private hospital,

Fortis Noida (2014),


Yatharth Hospital Noida (2014- 2017) he worked for Yatharth Hospital as a Consultant and Unit head and Established a Medical Unit,


Due to his persistent intention to start a Diabetes centre he again Rejoined Fortis Hospital Noida in (2017-2018) 


Simultaneously did many courses on diabetes

BMJ Diabetes Course Which is accredited Royal college of physicians London,

CMC Vellore Diabetes Fellowship,

Nanawati Hospital Mumbai, Diabetes Fellowship,

Holding memberships in diabetes research organisations like


ADA,American Diabetes Association,

RSSDI, Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India,


He laid the Foundation of Nidaan Clinic in 2014 as a General Clinic ,


and went to develop and refurbish the clinic every year till it turned into one of the most advanced diabetes care centre in Noida, 

He daily sees around 50 - 70 patients only as he needs time to connect to his patient and plan the therapy which suits them,


this at times is annoying for waiting patients also,


and also to people getting refused for appointments as he can see a few only per day.

He Believes in what his teachers taught him - क्वचिदर्थ:क्वचिद्मैत्री:क्वचिधर्मो: क्वचिदयशः
क्रियाभ्यास: क्वचिच्चेव , चिकित्सा नास्ति निष्फला I

Meaning- The five distinct gains of practicing medicine humane rationale ,Wealth friendship spiritual uplift fame and if nothing skill

चिकित्सा कभी निष्फल नहीं होती I इससे आपको कभी धन की प्राप्ति तो कभी मित्रता या पुण्य अथवा यश मिलता है I कुछ भी न मिले तो आपके हाथों में कौशल और शफा की वृद्धि जरूर होती है I

Veda- Charak-the Father of Medicine 500BC