• Dr.Nishant Singh

Hectic Working Schedule: How to Be fit!

Some lifestyle modifications can bring about a significant change in your health and fitness levels.

Juggling between numerous tasks can be exhausting for anyone. For a woman, it is even more taxing as she has to handle office tasks efficiently in the competitive professional world while back home she has to portray a motherly figure and nurture her family fulfilling their needs.

Playing two contrasting roles that need equal dedication and efforts is extremely difficult. But women being the perfect multitaskers perform both roles with precision and perfection. In all this running around; health often takes a backseat. Living a healthy lifestyle is a boon aspired by every woman but for working women time constraint is something that needs to be dealt with. The desktop job makes you sit at one place for long hours and this sedentary lifestyle apart from making you prone to obesity and diabetes, has negative impact on your posture as well.

We know you have many responsibilities upon your head which leaves no time to hit the gym or follow a regular diet chart. But don’t worry; here are some simple ways by which you can have a healthy lifestyle. The fitness regime doesn’t involve spending long hours in a gym or following a crash diet. In fact, a little bit of lifestyle modification can bring about a drastic change in your health and fitness levels.

Take a stroll: Avoid cocooning yourself within the four walls of your cubicle for many hours at a stretch. Take regular intervals for short walks. It could be the pantry, canteen or even the restroom. Stretching or twisting while on your seat can help in relieving stress and exhaustion.

Watch what you eat: Never try to fill your tummy with junk or processed food. Wipe out your refrigerator of those muffins, pastries, doughnuts. Other foods containing white flour, extra salty, sugary snacks containing lots of additives and preservatives should also be kept at bay. All these foods are a precursor to lifestyle diseases.

Go Natural: To avoid the urge for eating junk during the mid-meal hunger, carry raisins, nuts and fruits with you to the office. These are very nutrient-rich and best to satisfy your hunger during the day as opposed to samosas or vada paav.

Note: They have little or no nutrition value, and may just end up as extra fat deposits on your frame. Dates, prunes, cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts and fresh fruits are the suggested snacks. And, in summer, especially water-rich ones like oranges, watermelon, muskmelon, sweet lime are a must. This will not only fulfill the vitamin needs of your body, it will make your skin glow and hair stronger.

That essential element: Due to continuous long working hours and regular hormonal changes, women become an easy target to catch anemia, which further leads to many diseases. Lethargy, irritation, irregular periods are some of the many indicators that your body needs that extra dose of iron. Make sure that your lunch box consists of at least one leafy vegetable almost daily. Stronger bones will lead to a stronger and healthier you. Take one portion of raw fresh salad and one portion of calcium rich dairy food (yogurt, paneer or buttermilk) daily as women need more dietary calcium than their male counterparts.

Stress it out baby: Working women often skip the ‘metime’ allowing stress hormones to take over and create health-related issues. Unrelieved stress can cause depression, overeating, skin irritation and menstrual disorders. Stress control can be as simple as taking regular quiet time alone. Visit a spa; pamper yourself to blow off the steam.

Sleep right:

Becoming forgetful of small things, gorging on junk, craving for sweets; all this might be because of lack of sleep. Whether you’re staying late, bringing work home from the office, taking care of elderly parents or caring for your own family, you may be sacrificing your sleep time. Many researches have proved that adequate sleep aids in memory processes and appetite control, as well as replenishes the body’s energy stores for the next day’s activities.

Stay well-hydrated: Never leave home without a bottle of water. At office, have enough water for the day to keep you well-hydrated. This will not only save you from lethargy and tiredness but also bring a shine to your face and help in enhancing your metabolism.

Cut down caffeine intake:

Reduce the intake of tea or coffee to less than four cups a day. Too much caffeine not only leaves you dehydrated but takes out precious calcium from the body leading to early onset of osteoporosis. Also quit smoking in the interest of a healthier tomorrow.

Ditch your car: Give your car rest once a week, use public transport instead. You’ll have some quiet time to yourself before arriving for a busy day at work. Bonus Point: You will also burn a few calories.

Regular exercise: We know you are too tied up to hit the gym or go on long work-out sessions. But a short duration, high intensity workout can also perform wonders.


Bouncing Shuffle: Squat slightly with elbows bent at sides. Shuffle left to right for 4 counts each.

Speed Skate: Hop from side to side, swinging opposite leg behind you and arms in the direction you’re moving.

Knee Crunch: Lunge with left knee bent, right leg extended behind you, arms to front at shoulder height. Bend right knee and pull towards chest as you crunch upper body towards right knee; extend back to lunge. Switch legs after 30 seconds.

Jump Squat: Twist squat with feet hip-width apart, hands behind head. Rotate torso to left and right, then jump, hands overhead. Land with knees soft and repeat.

So ladies you need to take care of your health too in order to take care of your family. It is crucial to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. Stay healthy and rejuvenated!

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