At Our Diabetes Center

Services are Provided when you enter in following steps

1st Stop - Risk Assessment (approximately 8 mts) with measurements of Abdominal circumference, Weight, Body mass Index, Body fat, Waist:hip ratio, Blood pressure,Blood sugar +/- blood ketone measurement (optional)

2nd Stop - Consultation with Doctor (approximately 20mts)

3rd Stop - Dietician Review of Diet (approximately 20mts or less)

4th Stop- Lab Services by or partner Labs in which all the investigations advised by consultant are done, 

Fundoscopy (optional) if eyes never checked for diabtes complications

Neuropathy Checkup (optional) if doctor advises

5th Stop – (in due course) diabetes education by diabetes specialist practitioner/nurse, psychologistFinally patient may be referred to a specialist (heart, kidney, nerve etc)The appropriate patient will be given the option of a personalised certified exersice trainer who will offer home exercise training at competetive rates.A cardiac stress test will also be advised so that early preventive measures and heart protection regimens can be appropriately instituted